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White Kissing Ball Wedding Decorations - 9" Wide, Set of 6


Ribbon Pew Markers, Bridal Shower, Reception Decor, DIY

  • Create your own set of 6 unique and affordable wedding kissing ball style decorations out of 12 pull bows and 12 tulle strips (each ball uses 2 pull bows and 2 tulle strips).
  • Pomander kissing balls are perfect as wedding aisle decorations, but can also be hung on pews, chairs, doors, and gates - add them to entryways, railings, fences, gazebos, string lights, and more!
  • These large kissing balls measure about 9 inches when formed and will make a beautiful statement for your special occasion.
  • Whether you're crafty or not, you will love them for how fast and easy they are to assemble!
  • Directions will be provided with your purchase, along with video instructions to demonstrate each step. Assembly is quick and easy!

Kissing Balls are often found as a beautiful adornment for weddings or other special occasions. Now you can make your own for any celebration with these easy to assemble pomander kissing balls! These are made from beautiful white ribbon and will inspire your imagination while adding an extra special touch to your event. Each order includes 12 White Extra Wide 9" Pull Bows and 12 White Tulle Tails to construct 6 DIY Kissing Balls! Use them indoors on church pews or outdoors on beach weddings. These beautiful, high quality Kissing Balls are great for decorating pews, chairs, aisles, and more at your wedding, reception or Bridal Shower. Kissing Balls date back to the Middle Ages when they were made of twine and evergreen and hung to bring blessings and good luck to all who passed underneath. Over time, they have evolved to be used as a symbol of love and affection and are now made of a variety of materials.