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4" Fabric satin pull bows, packed flat unfolded

3" Pre-tied satin bows with silver elastic, 10 per poly bag

3" Silk White Camellia



The Art Of Pull Bows

   Most consumers are not familiar with Pull Bows.  Pull Bows do not fall into a category of obvious-at-first-sight-products. Even those who saw or used them often carry a misconception that the pull bows only come in a single perfectly rounded shape with two short tails. However, that is not the case. Starting in the 1930s, inventors in the US and all over the world invented a number of pull bow styles, thus creating a family of bows formed by pulling a single string or a pair of inner ribbons.  

This opened a wonderful opportunity for the manufacturers and designers to experiment with materials, colors, sizes, number of loops... you name it, all aimed to a goal of bringing wide selection of the most practical and affordable bows in the world market today.

 You may find them in specialty or department stores packed in long, narrow poly sleeves, attached to headers reading Pull Bow, Wedding Bow, Gift Bow, Butterfly Bow etc. At first, the flat folded piece of ribbon does not look like the colorful fluffy decoration you want for your gift package or party.

Moreover, when you open the package and unfold the ribbon, the puzzle is still there. You see continuous sections of a die-cut ribbon strip.  Then you spot the two thin ribbon strings showing between the tails of the bow. With one hand pull the two ribbon strings towards you, while pushing the wider ribbon away from you with the other hand and - voila - the magic happens in few seconds (view pull bow instructions)


The beautiful bow starts emerging in front of your eyes. The loops are forming and coming to life, perfectly round, full and fluffy just like you wanted your bow to look. Pull the strings to the end, tie the knot on the back and you'll meet a truly magnificent invention, an ingenious product of a marriage between an artistic and engineering mind.


Once you form the bow, the two very long curling ribbon strings are still there. Wrap a package, curl the strings for additional decorating effect, tie the bow to pew ends.  Don't cut the strings if you plan on reusing bows because they hold the bow construction. 

A number of features prove the pull bows' unsurpassed advantage compared to similar bow designs:

- They ship and store flat
- They are priced lower
than any other bows on today's market,
- They form in in seconds
perfect shape guaranteed!
- They are made of thermoplastic material, thus recyclable.
There is simply no other bow style on the market that
can beat all that.
 And we have them all starting from the 5" gift pull bows to large 9" tulle pew bows. We even make extra large car bows in a pull bow format.



Selecting pull bows translates into significant savings on shipping and storing. For example 50 large 9" pull bows would fit in the same size box as 10 pre-notched bows or barely 1/2 of an already fluffed bow. That's right a half ready to hang bow, it was not a typo!  Due to clever design, loops always come out evenly spaced out, revealing a neat, perfectly symmetrical shape. And that's not all!  These beautiful bows are also reusable.  Want to try another color to match your gift package or party decoration? Just fold back the one that you already formed and save it for another occasion.



As much as standing simply elegant on its own, this bow also makes perfect base for a wide range of embellishments that can be added to bring unique and personal touch to your gift/party decorations or room décor.

View decorating ideas with pull bows.

Want to make your own pull bow? Click here to find all you need to know about making your own pull bows.


We have been in business of designing, importing and manufacturing decorative bows for 19 years now and sold millions of bows to major U.S. companies.  We create our own styles and specs and have our products professionally manufactured exclusively for us with no middle man between us and our sister factory.  That allows us to offer extremely competitive pricing along with innovative and attractive pull bow designs

Over 95% of our bows can't be found anywhere else and are either patent protected or patent pending.  Any similar 2 color pew bows you see on the market are either
pre-notched bows just like the ones we also offer in our store or cheap knockoffs.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. Your comments and questions are greatly appreciated. Call toll free 1-800-292-WRAP(9727)



8" Pew Pull Bows with Tulle Tails

9" Two Color Striped Pew Pull Bows

8" Two Color Interchangeable Pull Bows

5" Gift Pull Bows


















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